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What is the probability of 7 out 596 people sharing the same birthday?
About 35%.Assuming 365 days in a year with equal birthday probabilities, the chance of exactly 7 out of 596 people sharing a particular birthday, say January 1, is [math]C(596,7)364^{589}/365^{596} = 0.001178[/math].Now the event of exactly 7 people sharing a different birthday, say January 2, is not independent of the event of exactly 7 people sharing January 1. But the dependence is not great. So we can approximate the answer by taking [math]1-(1–0.001178)^{365} = 0.35[/math].If you want an exact answer, you’ll need to write a short computer program. It’s not hard, but there’s no easy way to get an exact answer with pencil and paper.
What is the next number in this sequence 7, 26, 121, 596?
Whenever one of these "sequence" questions crops up, numerous answers trot out the chestnut that such a question is pointless since these are just numbers without any sense of where they come from...thus any number could follow.However, very often finding a pattern when one has such a sequence can often provide guidance that can illuminate whatever one studying in the first place.  Interestingly many of those who maintain that any number will do also reference the OEIS, thereby tacitly agreeing that prediction is a valid approach!When one does come up with a seeming match one would, ideally, have a long enough sequence to confirm the notion with one or more subsequent numbers provided.
What is on pages 595 and 596 of the DSM IV - TR?
The DSM IV-TR is no longer valid. the new system or diagnosis and treatment procedures is the DSM-5 therefore no diagnosis out of the DSM IV-TR can be used for reference for diagnosis or treatment process and or procedures.
What is 218 + 1257 + 3682 ÷ 2 × 486 × 2 ÷ 596=?
You can use BODMAS rule hereFirst do the division part3682/2=1841 ………………• (a)(486*2/596)=1.6308 ………..(b)multiply both (a) and (b)u will get 3002.3028 ………(c)now add the remaining two numbers to (c)You will get 4477.3028Hope i could help you.Feel free to correct me!!
What is the complete specification of a 596 BTU/hr refrigerator compressor?
12,000 BTU/h =3.517 kW=1 Ton of refrigerationIts the heat of fusion (solid to liquid) absorbed by melting 1 ton of pure ice at 0 °C in 24 hours.
What is the best form of peer review for scholarly publications?
We think post-publication peer review and open discussion is the best form of peer review as well.  We are building this vision here: The Winnower - Real Peer To Peer Review
What was Europe like during the time of the Old Testament (around 596 B.C.)?
Europe during the late Bronze Age and pre-Roman Iron Age was notorious for a burgeoning trade network, that allowed commercial and cultural exchange across the continent. It’s called the Hallstatt Culture, and it’s a fascinating period, much more advanced in mobility, art and technology than most people imagine.Below, the Dejbjerg ceremonial wagon (Denmark).Helmet and cuirasses (Austria)A bull sculpture (Czech Republic)Hallstatt culture was mainly farm based of course, but metal production was very advanced, and long-range trade spanning central europe and with greek and Phoenician cultures was economically significant.Social stratification became increasingly important, with emerging elite classes, such as warriors, priests and tradesmen, and the idea of monarchy possibly sprung up, though this is speculative at best. Society was mainly tribal, and just a few of the largest settlements, were larger than villages.Some scholars believe there was a more or less unified Atlantic Celtic culture, with Celtic as a lingua franca, stretching from Scotland to Portugal. A number of settlements along the English, French and Iberian coast specialized in metal production, were connected by sea routes, sharing the same type of structures such as cliff forts, and the same type of archeological finds.This is what a house in northern Iberia looked like:Thanks for asking and I hope I managed to stir your curiosity a bit more!
What is the number system in which the octal number 246 is equal to 596?
The question is incorrect. Since the octal number is 246, the number to be equal to 596 has to be in a number system with base smaller than 8, which is impossible because in such a number system the digit 9 will not exist.
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