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What happens to a country when frauds like Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya run away with huge loans?
In Simple Language Economy will be in a great pressure like it is happening now a days.The Loan which has been taken but not be paid is called NPAIn March 2021. NPA was 2.4 Lakh Crore5 charts that show why cabinet cleared ordinance to solve NPA issueIn 2021. It is going to be 9.5 Lakh CroreThe big Rs 9.5 lakh crore bank NPA monster, and how India is dealing with itOut of 21 Public sector banks 16 are in Loss with 19000 CrorePublic sector banks report Rs 19,000 crore lossAll the Loss records are in CroreSBI : 2416Bank of India : 2341Oriental Bank : 1985Central Bank : 1664IDBI : 1524Allahabad Bank : 1263Union Bank : 1249Corporation Bank : 1240UCO Bank : 1016IOB : 971Syndicate Bank : 869United Bank : 637Bank of Maharastra : 596Andhra Bank : 532Pun & Synd Bank : 258Dena Bank : 380 CrAlmost all the Banks are coming in loss,NiMo & Mehul Chauksi : 11000+ Crore,Mallaya 9000 Cr,Jatin Mehta 7000 crhas taken and went out of india.Winsome, Lose Some: Jatin Mehta and the Great Rs 7,000 Crore Diamond HeistIf the same type of case happen then economy coming to in bad shape since banking is the pillar of economy,If Banking going down then it will impact all the sectors & all form of trade like Agriculture, IT,Telecom,Production,Construction because in how directly/indirectly they are connected with banking sector through form of loan or payment.
How is Uflex stock for a long term?
Uflex is an innovation leader in the flexible packaging industry, and has consistently performed in the sector to become a brand with global presence. But to understand if this stock is worth holding onto for the long term, we need to inspect the macro and micro associated with it.Let us being by looking at the macroeconomic strokes that are churning the industry. The packing industry in India is the 5th largest sector, and is one of the fastest growing sectors with a reported annual rate of 13%. In this broad segment, flexible packaging, the segment which Ufelx specializes in, has seen growth at the rate of nearly 20% per annum. The growth is primarily driven by the necessity to pack things ranging from satellites to shampoo sachets. The majority of the demand comes from large sectors like pharmaceuticals, FMCG, healthcare, food processing, etc. These industries are staples in the modern consumption-based lifestyle, and hence their dependence on the packaging industry means that the sector is deemed to have assured cash-flows.The innovation in the packaging industry of India is driven by the FMCG giants like Nestle, PepsiCo, Coca Cola, etc. who want their products to penetrate the tier two and tier three cities. Thus, smaller packs and more logistics friendly packaging has become the need for this this penetration. The F&B industry accounts for 85% of the demand in the sector.More over the per capita packaging consumption of India stands at a meager 4.2 kg, while that for developed economies stands above the 35 kg mark. This indicates that as the economic prowess of India progresses, a higher per capita packaging consumption may be expected.At the supply end we see that many players exist in the market to service this demand, but most prstaple solutions. There are only few companies that are actually pushing the innovation in the polymer usage to cater to new prospective clients. Uflex is one of the leading players in the game-change.At the micro level, the company actually has been performing well at sales, with consistent sales growth, and has reported a steady profit after tax margin of nearly 5% over the last 10 years. This speaks volumes about its capacity to handle the dynamics of the changing market scenarios. The balance sheet shows that the company makes a lot of sales based on credit and it has reflected as an increased receivable days. It is only in FY2018, that we see an increased level of trade payables, indicating a better bargaining status of Uflex. The cash conversion cycle has been effectively handled, and we do not see it exploding beyond the 60 days mark. The management has also effectively, and periodically reduced the debt burden to conservative levels, all the while the debt utilization boosting the sales. This goes to show that the management has capitalized on it vintage to create a consolidated position for Uflex in the flexible packing industry of India.Moreover, Uflex recently has ventured into engineering packaging materials, and has acquired ISRO as one of its customers. Such client acquisition only helps us presume, that other high profile customers may follow suit. These customers are assured cash-flows, which in turn increases the valuation of the firm.The only threat to Uflex, or even the industry in general is the input risk. Raw materials make up more than 30% of the cost of production for packing products. Any volatility in the price of these raw materials can wreck havoc on the bottom line of Uflex, or the industry in general.Finally coming to the fundamental valuation of Uflex, which is trading around Rs.290, we see that the fundamental value of the stock is around Rs. 510, thereby indicating a growth head of 75%. Moreover the PE and PB ratio for the stock are 6.78 and 0.53 respectively, while that of the industry are 22.86 and 2.40 respectively. The relative valuation analysis also show Uflex to be an undervalued stock.Thus, as per my reading of the market, I see Uflex to be a prospective earner. The last 10 years of financial figures of Uflex stand testament to its resilience in this high speed market.I hope my analysis helps you plant some clarity in your doubts.For more such topics on investment, head over to my website - Insignia InvestmentsI also publish weekly videos on investment management at my YouTube Channel - Insignia Investments.Happy investing!
Americans: what should Europeans know about your home state?
I am from Michigan.It seems a whole chunk of the world has a massively distorted view of the State of Michigan.They tend to focus (wrongly) on this:Not this:The Mackinac Bridge - the longest suspension bridge in the nation.The Lake of the Clouds (in the often overlooked Upper Peninsula)Detroit (what the city actually looks like).Our treasured Sleeping Bear Dunes.Were the pictures not enough? Let me continue:Great wine and beer. West Michigan has countless wineries and the brew culture is rapidly popping up throughout Michigan.Any fresh produce you want. Michigan’s temporary climate allows for endless production of fresh vegetables and fruits. Michigan is the largest producer of cherries in the US, 3rd largest producer of apples, 3rd largest producer of grapes, largest producer of blueberries, and so on.Michigan leads the nation in the production of blueberries and tart cherriesMore shoreline than any state besides Alaska. No, this is not a joke. The state of Michigan has a whopping 3,288 miles of shoreline on the Great Lakes, including Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and Lake Erie. Also, you are never more than 8 miles away from a body of freshwater.Does Michigan have the longest coast line in the United States?Detroit. Although it has a poor reputation, Detroit is truly America’s Comeback City. Home to a thriving culture of startups and university education (and of course the automobile industry) Detroit’s story is truly one of a kind. After declaring bankruptcy in 2021 after decades of corrupt politicians and terrible money management, Detroit has turned on a dime. 77 new restaurants and counting have been opened since 2021. and young entrepreneurs taking are taking the city by storm. Don't take my word for it, here's a great article: weather. A saying goes, “if you don't like the weather, wait for 15 minutes for a change.” Michigan has four actual seasons, something our compatriots in the Far South or Far West do not have. Summer, well, it's hot. Watching storms roll in over Lake Michigan is one of the strangest and most beautiful things you'll ever do. The fall is crisp and clean, with a dazzling display of beautiful orange and red. Winter, my personal favorite, is pure and bright. Skiing “Up North” is a feeling that can't be beat, watching forty inches of snow beat down over the course of two days and peering over the barren, iceberg ridden Lake Michigan is a scene of true beauty. And Spring is as fresh as a fresh picked tomato, a season signaling change.And lastly, our classic and friendly Midwest Accent.The Definitive and Final Ranking of All 50 States