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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Publication 596 for 2022

Instructions and Help about Publication 596 for 2022

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What is a Panchayat Secretary (Grade IV) in Andhra Pradesh?
A Panchayat Secretary is an employee under the control of department of Panchayat Raj & Rural Development in the State.His powers are as follows;He is the administrative head of the village.Has the power of maintaining the village funds-collection and disbursal.Has the power of signing a cheque for payment to village members.Powers to short list the eligible members for any government scheme.Power to initiate construction of any new building if any needed.The Sarpanch, in exercising his executive powers must consult the Panchayat Secretary at least in principle.His Duties are as follows;Take up funds & tax collection properly & maintain all their records.Take up distribution of government funds properly and effectively for all works.Ensure government schemes reach the eligible needy.Ensure sanitation of villages.Take up construction and maintenance of drainage.Ensure working & operation of street lights.Prevent communicable diseases & check mosquito menace.Construct graveyards & dump yards.Ensure all other developmental aspects of the village in a progressive way.
Does the President of the United States have complete authority to fire his Attorney General with no explanation?
Yes, the President has the complete authority to fire the Attorney General with no explanation. Nobody and no organization has the legal power to prevent him from doing so.However, it is probably a crime and a potentially an impeachable offense for him to do so if his purpose is to obstruct an ongoing (or even a potential) investigation.Think of it this way. I have a receipts in a box at home from a contractor that did some work on my house 8 years ago. I have the complete authority to shred those documents, because they are no longer relevant to anything.Now suppose the county DA calls me and says he’s investigating that contractor and that I should preserve any documents related to the work he did on my house. I still have the complete authority of shred that document, but I’ll probably be charged with obstruction of justice for doing so. Shredding a document is legal. Impeding an investigation is not.A third scenario. Out of the blue, the contractor calls me and tells me to shred the receipts from that job. If I do so, that’s also probably obstruction of justice, and a reasonable person would understand that such a request is probably an attempt to impede an investigation, even if I am not certain such an investigation exists.TLDR; Having the complete authority to do something does not mean no laws will be broken in the process.
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